A collection of nice cars

I have a friend who insists on getting a new car every 2 or 3 years.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  Your car isn't even paid off after 3 years, why would you get another one?  I understand that you get a new car which is cool and exciting, but I don't think I would want to have to deal with that financially.  I've had my current car for over 10 years!  One of the advantages of having such an old car is that your insurance rates aren't as high.  I remember when I had to compare auto insurance quotes to find the best deal, and since then my rates have gone down a bit.  Of course, I also drive an economy sedan.  The thing is, I could get a new car, I just don't want to.  A few years ago though I was thinking about getting a new car... not because I needed one, just because I had gotten a new job and thought it might be cool to have a new car.  But when I added up the costs of getting a new car plus the change in insurance prices I decided against it.  And now that it's like 5 years later, I'm glad I did.  I don't even spend that much time in my car.  My job is like 10 minutes away.  I suppose it might be different if I had to commute like a half hour each way or something like that, but right now I don't have to.


Then again, I know some people have a bunch of cars, including some cars that they only drive in the summer or whatever.  I know it's their hobby, so that makes sense that they'd be willing to spend the money on it.  Actually, one day I hope I'm in a position where I have enough money to do that if I want.  It would be pretty sweet to have like a Porsche and Ferrari in the garage available to drive whenever I want (except in the winter months of course... but then again if I had that much money I'd probably move somewhere warmer, anyway!).  Speaking of money, they did just tell us that we're supposed to get bonuses this year at work.  It's not really that much, if I remember correctly they said it's going to be like 4% of our salary, but that's still better than nothing, right?  We don't get bonuses every year so I'm happy when we do.